Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness    

Volume I Series I - (2) Disc "Special Edition" Set

Note: This Special Edition (2) DVD Set is exclusively sold only by OmniGreen Life and is not sold in stores.

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Over 5 hours of Life-Changing below for more details. 


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Dr. Brad Gould

Dr. Luis Romero

Wes Burwell


About this (2) DVD Set:

Want to learn more about water (H2O) that was never mentioned in your chemistry classes?

Do you enjoying learning the most cutting edge information on current theories in medicine and science?

Have you ever heard of Imprinting Frequencies?

Want to learn about Vibrational Biophysics & Cellular Coherence?

Have you heard about the benefits of Nitric Oxide?

Do you know about entrainment, resonance and coherence?

The Medicine of LIght - History of Biophysics - Zero Point Energy - Electronic Biology - Biological Lasers Theory

Holograhic bits of Information - Photonic Phenomena - Magnetic Effects (PEMF)

Do you enjoy optimum wellness and health tips?

And so much more...

If you answered "YES" to any of the above then you're going to enjoy this incredible newly released (2) Disc DVD set.


Over 5 hours of Life-Changing below for more details.  





"I was impressed with the quality of practical information" -Dr. Edward Workman, USA

"Thanks for the immense amount of insightful wisdom and knowledge in this set" -Jane Eckers, Holland

"Power-packed - thanks for offering" -Roger Green, USA

"Greatly enjoyed the wonderful presentations" -Robert Byrd, Canada

"Wow! I highly recommend this DVD set - learned a bunch" -Timothy Cantor, USA

"Excellent!" - Zoe Jones, Australia


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review