The Science of Imploder

10th Sep 2011

The Science of Imploder

The “Imploder” water treatment device produces a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination success, and biomass yields. It is unique technology that combines a magnetic array with a directional nozzle. The Imploder device facilitates the bringing of required nutrients into plants by causing a de-clustering effect on water. The ‘absorption efficiency effect’ and ‘redox potential’ has produced independently validated measurements of approximately 328% plant growth increase along with biomass density.

The Imploder is based on phase conjugate HYDRODYNAMICS (liquid implosion) COMBINED with PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS.. where the LIKE or SIMILAR poles of the Magnets ATTRACT each other.

The extreme converging magnetic flux lines - create the centripetal inertia at the liquid molecular level - which creates the spin cycle of the wash machine - sorting by mass. Resulting in the increase molecular order and spin density.

What is the Science Behind the Imploder?

The science of water is becoming more complex and surprising all the time. It is not just a single homogenous substance that we have thought it to be. For example, water (H2O) has many varieties depending on which of the three hydrogen isotopes are involved, the size of the loosely held molecular groups called “charge clusters”, the frequencies both subtle and gross that can be imprinted on and held by water, and the way water is structured, etc. Water is an absolutely key ingredient in producing Life as we know it. The Fractal Field Company has developed technology, called the Imploder, which treats water to both support and enhance the Life Quality in seeds and plants. It has two parts; a phase conjugating magnetic part and a centripedal implosive part.

What is Phase Conjugation?

As modern physics is discovering, everything is composed of waves: matter, energy in all forms, all Life, you, me, everything. The Universe is awash in waves that for the most part interfere with each other in ways which diminish and cancel each other out. Phase Conjugation is a wave phenomenon whereby certain conditions, geometries and magnetic arrangements etc., cause waves to strengthen each other as they come together by adding and multiplying each other. All Life, in order to be at all, is characterized by phase conjugation of a certain sort. Through our research, we have identified principles, aspects and factors affecting the kinds of order that enhance Life and have developed a magnetic array technology that can be used to bring about favorable phase conjugation in water which supports Life.
What is Centripdal Force?

In the fluid dynamics sense, centripedal force refers to the suction process that causes fluids to move inwards and towards the centre in a spiraling whirling path. It can be called a vortex and affects the nature of water in profound ways. The opposite of centripedal force is the familiar centrifugal force that we felt strongly as children hanging onto a spinning merry-go-round to avoid being spun off. Centripedal force is just as strong a force but acts towards the centre. Centripedal force as applied to water causes implosion which has profound effects on the nature of water. The Fractal Field Company’s Imploder uses an intricately designed and precisely engineered nozzle to set up a centripedal force which causes implosion in water.


The Imploder Device

Imploders can easily be connected to any residential or commercial water source.

Science Background on Implosion

In general, implosion in a fractal field is the essential symmetry mechanism which creates gravity, color, life, perception, and all centripetal self-organizing forces. Some of the world’s leading physicists research and support these pioneering theories. (See references to the left)

  • Fractality used in math and physics is a well-known principle of infinite compression
  • This compressibility creates a centripetal force called implosion, which is related to the physics of phase conjugation
  • Phase conjugation is the perfect way for waves to meet and create fusion, and is idealized by the golden mean ratio
  • The golden mean proportion defines beauty, the geometry of all living proteins and plants, and is used for perfect constructive wave interference and wave compression.
  • We have discovered how to make a fractal electric field and how that becomes bio-active. We are the first to articulate the pure principles of how to MAKE a bioactive field, and to develop technologies from this science.

Implosion creates self-organization and therefore “Life” in 3 fundamental ways

  1. Phase conjugate optics is a very well understood field in physics. Creating order from chaos by fusion is well demonstrated and can be applied to other areas of scientific endeavor such as light, charge and magnetism.
  2. Phase conjugation dielectric creates "bioactive life" from a "fractal field" effect.
    To understand the principle - simply visualize waves of charge approaching each other from opposite directions by imagining the symmetry of TWO PINE CONES - screw ing in to each other tip to tip.
    In the center, the plasma implodes causing a centripetal and self-organization of its environment.
  3. The third principle way of self-organization applies the lessons of Phase Conjugate Optics to magnetism. Through this understanding this principle, like mag netic poles can be made to attract each other cre ating implosive magnetic forces. This is unique to our Implosion device.

Prototype Water Implosion Apparatus


A series of specially formulated extra strong magnets are precisely arranged in a phase conjugate pattern array. We utilize the enhanced 'z-pinch' effect in our custom phase conjugate array. Because the water molecules enter the array, powerfully spinning centripetally, in the correct ennantiomorphic direction- they pick up extreme magnetic momentum - resulting in the dramatic molecular cluster size reduction whereby solubility increases along with numerous other properties, including sedimentation rate.

Redox Experimentation and Results

The magnet array is attached to a diaphragm water pump, which allows for recirculation of the water in a 20 liter reservoir. Water was conditioned by recirculation for a period of approximately 10 minutes before measurement or experimentation. After circulating water through the magnetic array, there was a measured 6.5% drop in Redox potential in the test sample as compared to the control sample. This is advantageous for drinking water since a lower value in Redox potential is healthier. A 5% drop in pH was also observed from the control value of pH 8.0 to the test value of 7.6. The ORP (redox potential) readings were as follows:

Control: 738.5 mV
Test sample: 690.2 mV
(note: all measurements were made in reference to a saturated Ag/AgCl calomel electrode)



Physics of The Imploder

Calculating the Approximate flow through the orifice of THE IMPLODER

7-9 GPM Gallons per Minute- 27-36 LPM Liters per Minute at 35 PSI.

from Dan Winter

We acknowledge the original source of the concept behind these calculations:

Note: THE IMPLODER- has a 1/2" passage diameter hole thru the centers of the magnet array (down the long pipe), and it has an estimated ORIFICE EFFECTIVE DIAMETER (approximate- 5 little tubes come down and meet at a complex convergence) of 1/4 to 5/16".

The IMPLODER uses an ABS Plastic in the nozzle for several reasons:

  • injection molding compatibility
  • food grade rating for water contact
  • transparency to make the principle of The Imploder - Implosive Flow visible, attractive, and educational.

This material naturally while strong - does have limitations:

Re- Maximum Design Pressure:

The Imploder- was originally designed to be a discharge point spray for agricultural use

The magnet end is the discharge point- the nozzle end is the input point- because the water molecules need to have critical spin density upon entering the strong magnetic Z PINCH to inductively motorize the implosive effect- which centripetally enables the molecules to become molecularly stable as smaller clusters, and become molecularly aligned more coherently- both of which help create the desired added solubility and bio-availability effect. Reduced molecular cluster size is part of the mechanism of increased relative surface area available to reaction- one of the primary mechanisms of increased solubility, bio-availability and also - increased reaction efficiency - in other appplications LIKE COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY.

As such- for this application - (agricultural spray discharge point) - The Imploder- was designed for what is nominal standard home plumbing systems- which is typically (pump switch on- off points)- of ON 25 PSI, OFF 40 PSI.

Using epoxy assembly around the O-Ring- The Imploder is technically rated up to 45 or possibly 50 PSI maximum.

SO- in our calculations below- we are going to calculate a flow rate- based on a pressure of 35 PSI.

There are several reasons you might also benefit from installing a restrictive device, or orifice (like the imploder) in a piping system.

To create a false head for a centrifugal pump, allowing you to run the pump close to its BEP.
To increase the line pressure.
To decrease the flow through a line.
To increase the fluid velocity in a line.
The equation for flow through an orifice is a simple one to understand. Only the units are somewhat awkward.

Q = AV

Q = The flow in cubic feet per second (ft3/sec).
A = The area of the orifice in square feet (ft2).

V = The velocity of the liquid in feet per second (ft/sec).

Experience shows that the actual flow is quite different than calculated because of the different shapes of the various orifices. Look at the following diagrams and you will see some of these popular shapes. Each has been assigned a "K" value.

We will enter that "K" value into our equation and the new equation becomes:


To make the equation easier to handle we can express the velocity "V" as:

  • g = 32.2 ft/sec2
  • h = Head across the orifice. If the downstream side of the orifice is pressurized use the differential head across the orifice.

If you do not know how to convert pressure to head, use this formula:

NOTE - if we set the PSI - here to 35 PSI - recommended for Imploder

- and note that At 4°C pure water has a specific gravity of 1. ( Some reference the s.g. base temperature as 60F.)

Then- for our 35 PSI Imploder recommended average pressure- we have Head (H) value of approximate 80.

It would also make sense to convert some of the terms in our equation to terms that are more convenient to use. As an example:

"Q" can be converted from cubic feet per second to gallons per minute:
1 ft3/sec = 448.8 gpm.
"A" The area in square feet can be converted to square inches:
1 ft2 = 144 square inches
Putting all of this together gives us a new formula that looks like this:








Let's plug in some numbers and calculate a flow through a typical orifice.


h = 20 feet
A = 0.049 square inches
K = 0.62
Q = 25 x 0.049 x 0.62 x 4.47 or

Q = 3.40 gallons per minute

If we want to solve for the orifice area:

If you are uncomfortable working with the orifice area in square inches you can use the diameter instead. Use the following equation:

Inserting the 0.049 square inches we calculated from the prior formula we get

 or 1/4 inch


We made our formula more user friendly by substituting some conversions and now we can make our calculations in gallons per minute and square inches, but the formulas would be better if we could measure the orifice diameter rather than the orifice area

I took you through this exercise to show you how the formulas we use in these papers are derived. We will re-write the flow and orifice diameter formulas again and maybe this time they will be simple enough for anybody to use. We will start with the flow formula and then fix the orifice formula:

The formula for calculating the orifice diameter becomes:

Let's see if the formulas still work. Here are the numbers:

d = .250 or 1/4 inch
K = 0.620
Q = 3.4 gallons per minute
h = 20 feet - note this was the original HEAD we will show also the calculation with h HEAD = 80 for our 35psi.

We will begin by solving for flow (Q)

Here is the original Calculation for Head =20

Now we redo this for Head = 80 ( about 35 PSI):

Square root of 80= 8.94

Square root of 20= 4.47

So Our flow rate with our new pressure of 35 PSI, Head= 80 Instead of the Original Example Equation for Head = 20

Is almost exactly DOUBLE.

So: the Imploder for 1/4 Inch effective orifice would be 6.92 GPM - Gallon Per Minute- with 5/16 effective orifice that could be up to 9 GPM.

To convert GPM Gallons Per Minute to LPM - Liters per Minute: Multiply by: 3.785

So- 7 to 9 GPM becomes: approximately 27 to 36 LPM Liters Per Minute.
(Note below that could increase slightly based on the ratio of the orifice restriction point to the magnet bore diameter)

Orifice size:

All of these above numbers were generated assuming that you were moving water through the orifice. If you are making calculations for a liquid other than water you will have to factor in the viscosity of that liquid compared to water.

We also made an assumption that the orifice diameter is not greater than 30% of the pipe diameter. There is another formula we use for a less restrictive orifice.

Any time the ratio of the orifice diameter to the pipe diameter is greater than 30%

(0.30) you should modify the formula. The modifier (M) looks like this:

d1 = orifice diameter
d2 = pipe diameter
When you are using the modifier, the formulas look like this:

Now we will see what happens when a 0.250 inch (1/4) orifice is put into a smaller cross section 0.500 inch (1/2) pipe, ( 1/2" IS OUR MAGNET BORE DIAMETER) - assuming the other numbers stay the same:

This means that you would have to multiply by 1.03 so the 3.46 gpm we got in the last calculation would become 3.56 gpm.


How accurate are these predicted numbers? Anytime you make a calculation using flow as a as part of the equation, you will run into some variables that will affect your results:

  • The roughness of the piping inside walls affects the friction loses.
  • The piping material and allowable wall thickness tolerances.
  • Solids buildup inside the piping. Calcium in water applications and coke in hot oil applications are typical. Higher temperature usually hastens the solids buildup.


Phase Conjugate Seed Germination

A seed participates in a “life or death drama” at the moment it either germinates or dies. If we look at the germination process in the most gross and basic of terms, for LIFE to begin depends on whether or not a seed has developed the power to steer or orient the angle of approaching water molecules from its environment toward itself via centripedal force.

If a seed can crank up the electrical power to steer in the approaching water molecules laden with nutrients, then we have the miracle of germination. If not, we have death. Where does this electrical power come from? It comes from electrically centripedal force of fractal or phase conjugate implosive charge symmetry.




One good example of the life enhancing effects of this centripedal force comes from an observation made during the plant growth experiment detailed above. Dr. Sal Giandinoto measured the germination rates of our magnetically charged water versus the non-charged water. He observed that in almost every case, the stems of the plants fed Imploded water were standing straight up (supporting the weight of the leaves) while the stems of the plants fed non imploded water were mostly lying down. This is one example of how imploded water imparts more strength to the growing seeds.

To re-iterate, the difference between a seed that is alive, versus a seed that is dead, is the ability to shoot out an electric field strong enough to change the angle of incoming water. The ability to radiate charge is therefore Life. If the ability to radiate charge becomes our definition of life, then it is necessary for something to compress that charge so that it can radiate. Charge compression is perfected when it is Fractal! So charge radiation is also perfected when Fractal.

How It Works

The crux of our technology hinges on our discovery of Phase Conjugate Magnetics. When magnetic lines are properly aligned and focused they phase conjugate. Magnetic domains have long been thought to be simply toroidal, whereas they are actually octahedral in nature. The understanding of this geometry opens the way for like poles of the magnet to actually attract each other and strongly stick together, ie. N to N, and S to S. When this happens, the extreme focusing of the magnetic flux densities aligned in a cone produces cohering of water molecular clusters. When water passes through this magnetic flux density, it is “sorted” in a way that reduces the molecular cluster size and increases charge radiance efficiencies. Evidence for this effect is measured with the “Korotkov” GDV Device (Gas Discharge Visualization) as a net decrease in entropy, which by definition means more order in the molecular arrangement of the water molecules.


In the graph to the left, entropy is plotted on the y-axis. Note the higher entropy measured in the tap water plotted in blue, and the significantly lower entropy measured in the same tap water conditioned by the Imploder Device.




Right: Notice the visual increase in charge radiance (equivalent to Life Force) in the Imploded tap water on the left compared to the untreated control tap water on the right, using the “Korotkov” GDV Device.



This discovery revolutionizes water treatment, water purification, and water pre-treatment for increasing agricultural yields and other applications. It also opens the way to increase sedimentation rates which likely have advantages when converting tar sands into oil production, for use in revolutionizing sewage treatment reducing the time of treatable discharge, and in other waste management scenarios such as treating dairy farm waste.





Seeding Field Effects


We have scientifically identified the precise electric field ideal for growing seeds. The graph below is an example of the one of the tools we have used to measure the vitality or life force in seeds, fruit and eggs.

Above graph showing:
Vertical axis = power density
Horizontal axis = inverse frequency dominant from second order power spectra. This explains the measured life force = the strength of the weak dielectric field in making the plasma centripedal.

In the photo at left, a chicken egg has been placed in specially designed capacitor with a gold coating and an egg shaped geometry. The electrical coherence of the chicken egg’s weak electric field is called its ‘harmonic inclusiveness’ or “bioactive field’ or “fractality” (measured as a millivolt differential from the top of the chicken egg to the bottom) indicates its vital life force. The gold egg capacitor increases the chicken egg’s measured bioactive field which has the effect of keeping it fresher for longer.

The principle of fractality as applied to the chicken egg can also be applied to a seed. To understand how the electric field measures and creates life in a seed, consider the fluid nature of the protoplasm of a seed. If the ‘plasma’ field around that seed is CENTRIPEDAL (meaning able to suck or ‘implode’) then it can attract and suck in the liquid and nu trient from the external environment to grow. This same centripedal electric field, which is an innate characteristic of all living things, has been identified, can be generated and applied directly to a seed to facilitate seed germination. When the same field is applied in a coating form, it has been demonstrated to in crease the duration of viable seed storage. Fractal Inc. is the world leader in understanding and articulating the pure principles of how to make a bioactive electric field, and invent the technology to share this life giving force with the world.

We have the most effective (implosive) way to get reduced molecular cluster size- and thereby increased 'bio-availability'.

Magnetic Treatment of Water

n addition to the extensive reseach completed and underway with TheImploder technology, we present consistent international general research showing that in general MAGNETIC WATER TREATMENT- for agriculture and for home use (even descaling and more)- is WIDELY PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE.

Reminder- the international research is clear: magnetic water treatment DOES work. Our SuperImploder- at 3000 gauss! per magnet - over the large surface area of 8 coherently directed magnets conjugating right into the water flow- IS THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL MAGNETIC WATER TREATMENT DEVICE.

Basant L. Maheshwari *, Harsharn Singh Grewal 1
School of Natural Science, CRC for Irrigation Futures, Building H3 – Hawkesbury Campus, University of Western Sydney, Locked Bag 1797, Penrith South DC NSW 1797, Australia:

"The analysis of the data collected during the study suggests that the effects of magnetic treatment varied with plant type and the type of irrigation water used, and there were statistically significant increases in plant yield and water productivity (kg of fresh or dry produce per kL of water used).


In particular, the magnetic treatment of recycled water and 3000 ppm saline water respectively increased celery yield by 12% and 23% and water productivity by 12% and 24%. For snow peas, there were 7.8%, 5.9% and 6.0% increases in pod yield with magnetically treated potable water, recycled water and 1000 ppm saline water, respectively.


The water productivity of snow peas increased by 12%, 7.5% and 13% respectively for magnetically treated potable water, recycled water and 1000 ppm saline water."











"Magnetised water - in TodayTonight (Australia). The use of magnetic water in agriculture to increase harvest and save up to 25% water. Live testimonials by biggest Australian farmers"


Further scientific evidence- magnetic water treatment reduces scaling (in pipe build up etc.):

Experimental Evidence for Effects of Magnetic Fields on Moving Water

by Dr. Klaus J. Kronenberg, The full article appeared in the 1984 Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Conference transactions: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. Mag-21, No. 5, September 1985, pages 2059-2061. This article corresponds to the presentation by Dr. Kronenberg at the IEEE's International Conference on Magnetism in April 1985 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Only the abstract is included here.

Abstract Observable changes of water by magnetic fields have been investigated in an attempt to contribute to the knowledge of the structure of liquid water. The crystallization mode of the water's mineral content was found to change from a dendritic, substrate-bound solidification habit to the form of separate disc-shaped crystals after the water had moved through a number of magnetic fields. The former scarcity of crystallization nucleii in the water had been turned into an abundance of nucleation centers in the water. The reduction of the number of the substrate-bound crystals has been used as a quantitative measure of the magnetic effect. A mechanism is suggested assuming that resonance between the time sequence of the magnetic fields and the internal vibratory frequency of the water complexes results in the fracture of some of the complexes. Thereby, the formerly encased foreign particles are released and provide the nucleii for the formation of disc-shaped crystals throughout the volume of the water. Further studies are urged in view of the staggering potential benefits for many water users, such as prevention of hard lime scale build-up, increased effectivity of chemical additions to water for softening, fertilizing, feeding, and cleaning purposes.



US Federal Reseach showed- strong magnetic field treatment of water- eliminated need for water softener and decrease pipe build up/ scaling.