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Cordyceps Cs-4

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Product Description

For Energy & Endurance

Latin ... Cordyceps sinensis Chinese ... Dong Chong Xia Cao Common Name ... Caterpillar Mushroom

90 vegetarian capsules 400 mg per capsule $26.95 per bottle


Product Information

  • Full Spectrum Extract
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Increased Energy
  • Immune Health
  • Male Libido

Used to increase energy and endurance, Cordyceps has become the supplement of choice among world class competitive athletes. Once reserved exclusively for the emperors of ancient China, today it is commonly used as a male sexual tonic and to support respiratory, adrenal and immune health.

Cordyceps sinensis is a highly valued medicinal mushroom in both Classical Chinese Medicine and modern clinical practice. In China it is called "winter worm, summer grass", and the "caterpillar mushroom". Cordyceps is found in the highlands of China, Tibet, and Nepal, above 10,000 feet.

Cordyceps attracted the attention of the general public and the health profession in 1993 when a group of Chinese runners broke nine world records in the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Germany. Afterwards the coach attributed those results to the athletes regular use of a cordyceps based tonic. Because Cordyseps helps increase stamina, energy levels, and endurance, it has become one of the top selling sports supplements amongst the worlds' elite competitive athletes.

Clinically, Cordyceps is used to support immune health.

Cordyceps Sinensis Cs-4 The wild fruiting form of Cordyceps used in Traditional Chinese Medicine is extremely rare in the wild and because of this it is very expensive. Chinese scientists spent many years looking for a vegetative form of Cordyceps that would produce the same active compounds as the fruit body; the result of that research is the Cordyceps strain Cs-4.

All of the published clinical research has been conducted with hot water extracts of the mycelium of the Cs-4 strain of Cordyceps, the same strain MushroomScience uses to produce their high potency extract.

Clinical Research There has been a significant amount of research done on Cordyceps. Studies have looked at the immuno-modulating and immuno-regulating activities, uses in supporting renal health and respiratory health.* 1,2

Traditional Use and Preparation Cordyceps is sweet and acrid in taste and warm in nature, acting through the lung and kidney channels.3 Cordyceps invigorates the kidneys and protects the lungs.* Cordyceps is also used in cases of occasional fatigue. For most conditions Cordyceps is prepared as a decoction, although when used as a tonic in TCM the fruit bodies are often cooked into a chicken broth.5

Active Constituents Polysaccharides, Adenosine, Cordycepic Acid.

Extraction Information Wild Cordyceps sinensis fruit bodies and cultivated Cordyceps sinensis mycelium have demonstrated equal levels of immune activity,* neither being superior to the other.6 The modern clinical research has been conducted with hot-water extracts of the cultivated mycelium. The optimal preparation for both is a hot-water or hot-water/ethanol extract.

Our product is a hot-water/ethanol extract from the Cs-4 strain of Cordyceps. The mycelium is cultivated on an all-natural chemical-free nutrient base. This process yields all of the active constituents that make Cordyceps one of the most highly prized medicinal mushrooms.


Suggested Use

Adults, take 1-3 capsules, twice daily, on an empty stomach.


Supplement Facts

Cordyceps sinensis Cs-4 mycelium extract- 400 mg 12% polysaccharide .3% adenosine

Other Ingredients

Vcap (cellulose).



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Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breast feeding, consult a health professional before using this product. Do not use if allergic to mushrooms. Do not use if safety seal around top of bottle is missing or broken.Store at room temperature, with lid closed.






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