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Organic Food - Why We Support Organic Food and Local CSA’s

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Organic Food - Why We Support Organic Food and Local CSA’s  

By OGL Staff

You here a lot in the news these days about "organic this", or "organic that" but lets take a closer look at what "Organic" means in regard to the foods we consume everyday. 

The food that we eat today is vastly different from the food our parents and our grandparents ate. In the past decade our food supply and quality has changed exponentially - and not for the best. In the past 30 years, the United States population has grown in size and in consumption, faster and cheaper has been the motto these past several decades. The real reality is that conventional, chemical, and gmo farming has failed to give consumers high-quality, nutritionally dense food to our growing world-wide populations. 

In order to keep up with the demand of faster and cheaper food, chemicals, pesticides, and hormones have been directly added into our foods to make our meat more toxic, our apples bigger and mealy, and the various genetically modified organisms (GMO) injected into the seeds - think Frankenstein foods.

Here is the great news about "organic" food that we don't think about - you can grow organic foods anywhere with seeds, rich soil, plenty of sunshine, sufficient moisture, and lots of love. Gardening skills are hot right now and just imagine how much fun it is to grow your own organic food. Think about this for a moment, what came before the "Organic" term was used? Answer: Organic foods have been used for thousands of years. 

Study after study has proven that conventional foods have been unsafe to eat. Conventional lettuce grown in California requires that the farmer wear a space suit like outfit in order to protect himself from the chemicals he was spraying. Have we lost all common sense in regard to growing wholesome "organic" food for ourselves and our loved ones?

Lets vote with our dollars and send a strong message of support to those farmers who want to do the right thing. Support local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Here is a link to find your local CSA.

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